Warehouse Equipment

Clark SRX14/16 
Electric Reach Truck
SRX14 – 1400kg @ 600mm load centre
SRX16 – 1600kg @ 600mm load centre   
Clark WPio12
Electric Pallet Truck
Lithium ion Hand Pallet Truck
WPio12 – 1200kg
Clark WPio15
Pedestrian-operated machine
Lithium-ion low lift pallet truck 
WPio15 1500 kg
Clark WPio18
Pedestrian-operated machine
Lithium-ion low lift pallet truck 
WPio18 1800 kg
Clark WPio20
Lithium-ion Hand Pallet Truck
L2 dimension (length to face of forks) of only 423 mm
WPio20 - 2000 kg
Clark WP15
Electric Pallet Truck
WP15 – 1500kg

Clark WPX18 
Electric Pallet Truck
WPX18 – 1800kg
Clark WPX20
Electric Pallet Truck
WPX20 – 2000kg
Clark PX20
Electric Pallet Truck
PX20 – 2000kg
Clark PPXS20
Ride on Electric Pallet Truck
PPXS20 – 2000kg
Clark PPXsio20
Lithium-ion Low Lift Pallet Truck
PPXsio20 - 2000 kg
Clark PPFXS20
Electric Ride on Pallet Truck
PPFXS20 - 2000kg

Pedestrian Electric Stackers

Clark WS10
Electric Pedestrian Stacker
Clark WS10 – 1000kg
Clark WS10M – 1000kg
Clark WSX12/14
Electric Pedestrian Stacker
Clark WSX12 - 1200 kg
Clark WSX14 - 1400 kg
Clark SX12/16
Electric Pedestrian Stacker
Clark SX12 - 1200 kg
Clark SX16 - 1600 kg
Clark WSXD20
Pedestrian operated dual function machine
Clark WSXD20 - 2000 kg
Clark PSX16
Pedestrian operated machine with foldable platform
Clark PSX16 – 1600kg

The models of the CLARK warehouse equipment series offer the right solution for every type of operation.From the compact starter model for transportation across short distances to robust, high-performance vehicles for multiple-shift operation—our range of products certainly provides you with the best solution for your needs.Perfectly matched components and an unbeatable price-performance ratio form the basis of our CLARK warehouse equipment.The portfolio comprises more than 15 models in the electric low lift pallet trucks (1,500–2,000 kg), electric stackers (1,000–2,000 kg), electric reach trucks (1,400–1,600 kg) segments as well as electric 3-wheel tow tractors (4,000–7,000 kg).