Electric Forklift Trucks

Clark GTX 16/18/20s
3 wheel electric counterbalance
GTX16 – 1600kg GTX18 – 1800kg 
GTX20s 2000kg
Clark GEX 16/18/20s
4 wheel electric counterbalance
GEX16 – 1600kg GEX18 – 1800kg 
GEX20s 2000kg
Clark GEX20/25/30s/30/30L
4 wheel electric counterbalance
GEX20 – 2000kg GEX25 – 2500kg GEX30(s) 3000kg
GEX30L – 3000kg @ 600mm load centre
Clark EPX20i/22i/25i/30i/32i
4 wheel electric counterbalance
EPX20i – 2000kg EPX22i – 2200kg EPX25i – 2500kg
EPX30i – 3000kg EPX32i – 3200kg
Clark GEX 40/45/50
4 wheel electric counterbalance
GEX40 – 4000kg GEX45 – 4500kg
GEX50 - 4990kg

Our high-performance CLARK electric counterbalance trucks are equipped with high quality AC motors. The powerful traction motors ensure excellent acceleration and a high final travel speed.A large number of customized options allow you to practically tailor your vehicle to any type of deployment.The ergonomic design creates comfortable working conditions for each driver and, thanks to the intuitive operation concept, safety in everyday operations is improved.The driver has maximum visibility of the load and forks from the driver's compartment.The structure contains little plastic and as much steel as possible to ensure maximum stability and sustainable value of our CLARK vehicles.Whether you work indoors or outdoors, CLARK electric forklifts with capacities ranging from 1,600–5,000 kg will not fail you.