Clark WSXD20
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Multi-Purpose Vehicle With Double-Deck Function
Automatic Parking Brake

• Safe operation on slopes and ramps • Release of the automatic parking brake when driving switch is activated

Features and benefits

• Two loads can be moved simultaneously due to the double-deck function (2 x 1000 kg) • CLARK Speed Control (CSC) • Standard lateral battery removal • Enhanced safety: At a lift height of 500 mm and more, the travel speed is adjusted automatically

Use as low lift pallet truck

• 2000 kg with support arm lift to a lift height of 210 mm • 1200 kg up to a lift height of 1600 mm • 2x 1000 kg when using double-deck function

CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)

• Makes it easier to manoeuvre, in particular when using the vehicle in smaller spaces • Depending on the tiller position, the maximum travel speed is adjusted automatically • In the Speed Control mode (S), the maximum travel speed is controlled; this ensures safe and swift positioning • If the tiller is in normal drive mode (K), maximum travel speed can be reached • All parameters can be customized as per the customer’s request.

Lifting Support Arms

• Low lift pallet truck and stacker all in one • Can be used in double-deck jobs • When using the double-deck function, two euro pallets can be moved simultaneously.

Use As Stacker

1000 kg up to a lift height of 3,000 mm.

Ergonomic And Safe Tiller

• Simple and fast implementation of control commands • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller

Practical Switch Function

• In the low lift pallet truck mode, the WSXD20 automatically stops at a lift height of 1600 mm • When using the vehicle as a stacker, the operator can access higher lift heights by activating a switch function