Clark WPX20
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Compact. Highly Manoeuvrable. Integrated Charging Unit.
Features And Benefits

• Powerful and maintenance-free AC drive technology with 1.1 kW capacity • Stops automatically on slopes and ramps • Tiller swiveling over 180° for small turning radius • More safety via the CLARK SpeedControl system (CSC) which automatically adjusts the maximum travel speed depending on the tiller position

Ergonomic And Safe Tiller

• Simple and fast implementation of control commands • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller

Automatic Parking Brake

• Safe operation on slopes and ramps • Release of the automatic parking brake when driving switch is activated

Comfort And Ergonomics

• Support rollers with suspension for highest degree of stability • Tandem load rollers as standard configuration • Convenient integration of all driving and lifting switches in the tiller • Battery discharge indicator in clearly visible position

CLARK Speed Control (CSC)

• Makes it easier to manoeuvre, in particular when operating the vehicle in smaller spaces • Depending on the tiller position, the maximum travel speed is adjusted automatically • In the Speed Control mode (S), the maximum travel speed is controlled; this ensures safe and swift positioning • If the tiller is in normal drive mode (K), maximum travel speed can be reached • All parameters can be customized as per the customer’s request