Clark WP15
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Fast Charging + Maintenance-Free Battery
Features And Benefits

• Easy to maneuver in the smallest spaces due to a total width of only 560 mm • Chargeable at any 230 V outlet due to integrated charging unit • Compact and super light with a tare weight of only 205 kg, incl. battery


• Weighing • Taring • Warning with maximum and minimum weight • Backlight with automatic switch-off

Ergonomic And Safe Tiller

• Simple and fast implementation of control commands • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller

Battery Quick Replacement System

Quick battery replacement due to optional laterally opening battery compartment.

Weighing System

The optional scales allow simultaneous transportation and weighing of the load.

Comfort And Ergonomics

• Support rollers with suspension for highest degree of stability • Tandem load rollers as standard configuration • Convenient integration of all driving and lifting switches in the tiller • Battery discharge indicator in clearly visible position

Automatic Parking Brake

• Safe operation on slopes and ramps • Release of the automatic parking brake when driving switch is activated

Battery Stand

• For easier battery handling • Increased flexibility due to integrated charging unit • Can be recharged at basically any suitable 230 V outlet