Clark SRX14/16 
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Productivity And Energy Efficiency
Improved Ergonomics
Easy Safe Handling

• Mini¬levers or mono¬joystick • Hydraulics functions controllable simultaneously • 180° or 360° steering • Deceleration when cornering • Spacious and excellent visibility

Automatic Horizontal Fork Positioning

Suitable in particular for large lift heights No unsafe estimates of fork angles.

Mini-Levers Or Mono-Joystick

100% proportional lifting and lowering with Ergonomic armrest.

Are you looking for a solid reach truck and have high expectations?

• No-wear support arm brake • Tilting Fork carriage • High travel speed (up to 14 km/h) • Upright with CLARK upright damping • Electronic 180° or 360° steering • Support arm rollers with protective guards • Lateral battery removal via rollers • Battery feed for easy maintenance

Maximum Visibility

• The overhead guard safety bars are in alignment with the driver’s line of sight • Perfect visibility through the upright due to particularly wide upright bars • Laterally rotated center cylinder

Productivity And Energy Efficiency

• Customized programming of operation to suit all applications • Maximum adjustment to each work situation • Large clear operators display • All settings and functions at a glance - adjustable without special software

Automatic Side Shift Centering

Safe and easy handling, Speeds up positioning on the shelving units.

Fork Positioner

Easily stores cages and different loads Accelerates transportation of goods of different dimensions.

Activation Using PIN Code

Activation without an ignition key by using four-digit PIN code Configuration settings include automatic shutdown.

Why support arm brakes?

• 20% shorter braking distance due to support arm brakes as standard • Shorter braking distance = improved safety • Fast deceleration from up to 14 km/h travel speed in the warehouse, improves stock movement and improves safety.

Ergonomics And Driver's Compartment

• Adjustable comfort seat • Boarding height of only 380 mm due to low foot step • Sensitive electric steering Adjustable Steering wheel position. • Useful storage compartment

Configuration Options Well Worth It

The CLARK SRX14¬16 series was designed to meet the highest expectations. Numerous options, such as fork camera, automatic horizontal fork positioning and more, ensure that the vehicle meets the project specifications in full.

Lift Height Preselection

Fork stops automatically at the desired lift height, Improved throughput rate due to faster positioning Decreases load damage or damage to the shelving system.

Battery Compartment Sizes

Three capacity options (465/620/775 Ah) Standard lateral battery removal.

Fork Camera And Monitor

Improved ergonomics. No need to look up to the merchandise. Quicker access to higher shelving units. Noticeable relief for the driver.