Clark C80D900
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Perfect All-Round View Even With Triplex Masts
Save Costs - Throughout The Vehicle Lifetime

Long maintenance intervals lead to short downtimes and low spare parts costs. The C80D900 offers maximum service friendliness. Maintenance-related components can be reached quickly and easily by the service technician. The sturdy CLARK upright rails have a long service life. A full-flow return flow filter system filters the hydraulic oil every time it is returned to the tank. Coarse particles are filtered directly via a suction filter and do not even get into the oil circuit. This guarantees the durability of all hydraulic components.

25 % More Residual Load-Bearing Capacity

In order to increase the load-bearing capacity of the C80D900, relevant vehicle areas have been constructed even more solidly. Thus the C80D900 has a residual load-bearing capacity that is 25 percent higher at 900 mm load centre (without attachment) compared with the C80D with 600 mm load centre.

Perfect All-Round View Even With Triplex Masts

The C80D900 stand out on account of their comparably slim lifting upright rails. In addition, the driver cab has large viewing windows to all sides. This gives drivers an excellent all-round view and unrestricted view of the load and fork carriers. This is possible thanks to the sophisticated arrangement of the chains and hoses on the upright rails. Clark uses double primary cylinders to ensure a good field of vision even when triplex masts are used.

Low-Maintenance Wet Disk Brakes

Maintenance-free, wet disc brakes are installed as the standard service brake as well as an independent drum brake as the parking brake. This ensures gentle and smooth braking. Low brake wear guarantees a long service life and has a positive effect on operating costs.

A High Degree Of Safety

• Temperature monitoring • Additional lighting • Blue LED headlight spot • Seatbelt monitor and orange safety belt • Transmission disengages when the parking brake is engaged • Seat contact switch (Operator Presence System (OPS)) • CLARK Vertical Mast System (VMS) for vertical mast setting at the push of a button • CLARK SafeView@360 or rear-view camera • Safety switch for attachments

From Weather Protection To Complete Cab With Air Conditioning

Individual options ensure that adaptation to the respective application is possible. The C80D900 can be equipped with non-marking tyres, for example, acoustic reversing alarm, fork adjustment or integrated and projecting side loaders. The cab can be extended by weather protection in the form of a roof and front window or fully equipped complete cabs. The two-piece driver’s doors can be opened by 180° and fixed to the chassis so that the truck can be driven with the door open. The standard heated rear window as well as the easily accessible storage compartments and an MP3 radio round off the attractive driver’s workplace.

'Power-Shift' Automatic Transmission

Simple operation is made possible by a fully automatic 3-speed transmission. The electronically controlled automatic gear shift makes comfortable and precise driving possible. No further settings are necessary to guarantee precise work, even during the most difficult of applications. The inch pedal with integrated brake function makes controlled driving and simultaneous fast lifting of loads possible.

Good Performance Ratio

The CLARK C80D900 is equipped with as much sound technology as is necessary for heavy-moving, ergonomic and safe use. Thanks to the selection of sound components and long years of experience in the construction of high-quality industrial trucks, a series with an excellent price-performance ratio has been created.

Ergonomics And Cab

The tiltable steering column and comfortable seat can both be adjusted individually. Various driver’s seats, seatbelt monitor and an orange safety belt are available to choose from. An optional reversing grab handle with horn improves the rear view and goes easy on the driver’s neck and shoulders.

Always Moving Safely With Clark SafeView@360

The CLARK SafeView@360 is a 360° camera system that is made up of four digital cameras which give the driver a complete 360-degree view. Thanks to CLARK SafeView@360, drivers always have a great view of their surroundings. In addition, the use of digital cameras allows the images from the four individual cameras to be formed into a joint image in real time, enabling drivers to see the truck from the bird’s eye perspective. Especially the fork tips and the counterweight at the rear are precisely integrated into the seamless image. Thanks to this perfect, all-round visibility, drivers can navigate safely and quickly even in tight, unclear situations.