Clark GTS20/25/30/33
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Braking Response & Power

Maintenance-free wet disc brakes (enclosed and oil-cooled) ensure optimized braking response. In comparison to drum brakes, this system requires 50% less force to safely and precisely decelerate the vehicle.

The Power Behind The Punch

MMC¬PSI LPG engine (2.3 L, 51.6 kW)• Low-fuel high-performance industrial engine with PSI fuel system• Yanmar diesel engine (3.0 L, 34.2 kW)• Ensures high performance and torques with low fuel consumption• Low maintenance costs• Strong acceleration and extraordinarily comfortable smooth driving• Meets emissions class IIIA• Isuzu diesel engine (2.1 L, 46 kW)• Meets emissions class IIIB• With DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst)

Robust Upright & Fork Carriage Structure

• Maximum visibility• Nested rail profiles• Hydraulically damped lift cylinders• Quiet lifting hydraulics• Reduced vibrations• Adjustable canted load rollers• Optimum load distribution and low clearance• Robust 6¬roller fork carriage